December 6, 2023

JFK Hospital admits carrying out mass burial in Paynesville

According to Liberia State Broadcast ELBC, the story about the widespread interment of corpses at the John F. Kennedy is authentic and true. According to the ELBC report, the Voker Mission Community in Paynesville was contaminated by unlawful and inappropriate burial.

The JFK Memorial Hospital administrator, Dr. Jerry Brown, was quoted as saying: “All pieces of evidence showed the burial was done by the hospital” in the report that followed a meeting with the leadership of the Voker Mission Community on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

Dr. Brown, however, claimed that the personnel in charge of making sure that bodies and amputated body parts are properly buried did not adhere to the established procedures.

He apologized to the community for the terrible situation and promised to sanitize the cemetery in a week. He also said individuals responsible for the act will face an administrative penalty in accordance with the law. A delegation from the Paynesville City Corporation was present at the meeting on Tuesday with the Voker Mission Community.

The Voker Mission Community Leadership has, in the meantime, enthusiastically accepted Dr. Jerry Brown’s apology. Boye Nehwon, the chairman of the community, praised Dr. Brown for his outstanding leadership in acknowledging the unfortunate circumstance.

Jeremiah Diggen, the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) Public Relations Officer, also spoke and expressed gratitude to JFK for accepting responsibilityfor the incident. He committed PCC collaboration with the JFK and the Voker Mission Communities.

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