March 30, 2023

Pres. Weah; There will be no re-location of Redemption Hospital

President George Manneh Weah as of his town hall meetings on the Montserrado County tour promised the people of the Borough of New Kru Town that his administration will not relocate the Redemption Hospital in that district to the Caldwell Community but instead, the newly constructed hospital in the Caldwell will be named Redemption #2.

Mr. Weah suggestion come as a request from the people of District#16, New Kru Two who pleaded with the Liberian Leader and his executive not to relocate the hospital from their district as planned by the health authorities. According to them, there are many people who depend on the hospital for health care including nearby communities.

President Weah and Government Officials

Encouraging his people to put on an attitude of change for development, President Weah challenged Liberians to keep the environment clean, safe, and healthy for good life and better living. The Liberian Leader frowned on dumping dirt in the gutter ways and on the streets, stressing that such calls for the increase in malaria, diarrhea, and other harmful sicknesses.

The citizen of the Borough of New Kru Town called on their leader to work out modalities in bringing back the Beach and Water project which was a saving grace for many especially those in district #16. In response, Mr. Weah noted that the project was stopped due to funding and its operation. He informed his people that his government have no intention of stopping such a project. The president educated his people on how such projects are run and promised to continue engaging with partners in creating avenues for jobs in the country.

Borough of New Kru Town residents in a Town Hall meeting with President Weah

Mr. Weah frowned on using the media and the airways to promote violence and disruption of peace in the country. He spoke about keeping the peace instead of war and destruction. Mr. Weah noted that it is through peace comes development. Committing to work with the people of Borough of New Kru Town and Liberia at large, the president called on all Liberians to support the Dual-Citizen, noting that it will bring in development and investment.

Meanwhile, District #16 Representative Dixon Seboe praised the Liberian Leader for his numerous contribution and development to the district. He named the construction of the girls’ center cost USD$600, 00, Police structure USD$300,000, the construction of the Pro-Poor Housing Units, and the Coastal defense project among others.

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