March 25, 2023

Montserrado District #5 Calls on Pres. Weah for more development

The youth of District #5 has called on President George Manneh Weah to support the district TVET Program. Representing the youth, John Gray asked the president to complete the road construction in the district and help pay the fees of District #5 private university students.

The women represented by Mad. Hawa Yates pleaded with the president to help support single mothers in the district by empowering them with loans for business.

The market women pledging their support to Weah 2023 campaign, complained about the issue of waste in the market and district. They asked Mr. Weah to help renovate their market structure and loan.

The 19 community elders and Leaders called on Mr. Weah to help settle the issue of light, and road. They pointed out that the issue of drug abuse by the youth in the district is not encouraging and there is a need for the government to control drug abuse.

The disabled thanked the Liberian Leader for the peace in the country, noting that is what they really want. They pleaded with the president to pay more attention to the disabled community by empowering them. They at the same time called for more development in the country instead of food. They presented a traditional gown to Mr. Weah as a sign of thank you to the Liberian Leader.

District#5 Representative Thomas P. Fallah noted that the security sector is doing well under the Weah led government and that Mr. Weah stands for the peace and stability of the country. He mentioned that peace and security is one of the main agendas of the CDC PAPD Documents.

He reported that the Vokar Mission road is paved under the leadership of President Weah. Representative Fallah added that there are many who deny the facts the country is developing but the reality is clear.


The district #5 law market encouraged Mr. Weah to continue the development throughout the country and promised to work along with the president in passing bills that will better the life of Liberians and residents in the country. He and his district promise to go all out and run the Weah 2023 campaign and vote him to power.

President Weah has assured the people of Montserrado County District #5 of more development.


Mr. Weah called on all citizens to work together and move the country forward in the right direction. He noted that his government is doing more for the disabled and the disadvantaged youth adding that the Weah government is working out more modalities to help reduce the situation. The Liberian Leader pleaded with parents to take care of their children instead of leaving them in the streets.

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