March 29, 2023

Police Spokesman suspended

Authority at the Liberia National Police (LNP) has with immediate effect suspended the Chief of Press, Public Affairs Police spokesman H. Moses Carter, Sr. for a period of two (2) weeks of the  Job effective August 5, 2022, without salary for failure to follow Lawful instructions, insubordination, and neglect to complete official duties.

The act according to the Chief of Legal Division at the Liberia National Police DCP. Peter Gbanyah contravenes chapter 3 section 1.13 and 1.21 of the police duty manuel captioned prohibited conduct and section 5.1(b) and (P) of the LNP Administrative instructions on discipline and professional Standards captioned misconduct respectively.

The release also coated that patrolman George Hilton Swen is suspended for two (2) months for smiling when someone was aggravatedly assaulted, scrapted nacked with blood oozing from said victim’s mount in plain view, and doing nothing to rescue the victim, Christopher  Walters Sissulu Sivii.

Based on the professional Standards Division investigative findings, the following recommendations were reached.

Commissioner Walter B. Wray II (U – 105) be released from his post and suspended for three (3)  months for his inaction such as receiving information that the Coalition for Democratic Change – Council of Patriots ( CDC- COP) was after the Students Unification Party (SUP) protestors and he did not move the EPU to ensure that the two (2) groups should not have met at the same venue.

His action contravenes Administrative instruction (AI) on Discipline and Professional Standards section 6.4 category 2 offense and the LNP Disciplinary Regulations of 2016 section 8.2.

The Police also clarified that the following officers were exonerated from all charges due to a lack of sufficient evidence to hold them responsible for the incident.

a. DCP. Prince Davies

b. DCP. Joshua During

c.  DCP. John Saar

d. ACP.  Johnny Dwaryenneh

e. CSP. Emmanuel S. Jarwee

f. CIP. Stephen Kpakio

The decision came as the result of an internal investigation conducted by the Liberia National Police Professional Standards Division.

The LNP has with immediate effect launched an investigation into disturbances at the African Methodist Episcopal University ( AMEU) campus that took place Wednesday, August 10, 2022, and were allegedly perpetrated by members of the Students Unification Party of the University of Liberia.

The LNP used the occasion to inform the general public that one of the perpetrators in of person Davis Tweh was arrested and is currently in police custody.

The LNP however, condemns the acts of violence and will ensure that Justice is served.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police Station located in Salala, Bong county was on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, attacked and ransacked allegedly by some traditional people who brought out the traditional Bush Master ( Country Devil) due to Land disputes that was been handled by the court.

The Bush Master (Country Devil) took along with them an officer of the Liberia National Police, an inmate from the withholding cell, and the Judge from the court.

The Liberia National Police has again condemned the situation and dispatched officers of the Liberia National Police in search of the missing people; the LNP made the disclosure Friday, August 12, 2022, at a press briefing in Monrovia.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula


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