March 23, 2023

Collaborating Political Parties unveiled new Framework Document

The Collaborating Political Parties have unveiled a new framework document that will govern the affairs of the collaboration leading to the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The CPP framework document which was unveiled at a jam parked ceremony graced by members and the national executive committees of the Alternative National Congress and the Liberty Party was officially signed by Musa Bility, the Acting Political leader of Liberty Party, and Martin Kollah, Secretary General of LP while  Alexander Cummings ANC Political Leader and Aloysius Toe, Secretary General of the ANC.

Speaking shortly after receiving the document, the newly elected standard bearer of the  CPP, Alexander Cummings disclosed that the collaboration is open to other political parties with the same ideology due to the content of the document.

According to him, the ANC and LP will work with other political parties in order to maintain one opposition front against the Coalition for Democratic Change.

“You Liberian people wanted us to form one opposition front in order to make President George Weah serve one term. No more will the Liberian people allow individuals to steal their money. If you think that you want to join this collaboration in order to steal the Liberian people’s money, then you will be missing the boat”, Mr. Cummings noted.  

Presenting the framework document, the newly elected Chairman of the CPP, Musa Bility, made it clear that Mr. Alexander Cummings is now the undisputed standard bearer of the CPP.

Mr. Bility cautioned Mr. Cummings to do all he can to lead the CPP in forming a united front against the Coalition for Democratic Change in the 2023 presidential elections because it is the popular demand of the Liberian people.

“Our people expect nothing less and they believe that you will not let us down, “ he said; adding: “ you must do all you can to give the country and people  what we deserve.”

According to Mr. Bility, the CPP is the only option that the opposition has and even those who were jumping out of the collaboration have not been able to form a united front.

“You are taking over the CPP at a critical time in the country where most of our people have the mentality that doing the wrong thing is the way forward for this country.”

Mr. Bility cautioned the supporters of the CPP to protect the collaboration and work to include other political parties to join the battle to redeem this country.

He called on the ANC and LP to relieve themselves of the selfish mentality because this is a collaboration that Mr. Cummings is trying to build and bring about a new Liberia.

Remarking during the program, a stalwart of the Liberia People’s Democratic Party,  Dr. Toga Gayewea McIntosh, said he is of the persons who believe that this country must come out of the hole that it is not into its rightful place.

“Just Because I believe in that I am prepared to do whatever that is necessary to get mama Liberia out of the hole to  where it needs to be and this is what I stand for, believe in, and work for.” Dr. McIntosh told the audience.

For his part, the National Vice Chairman of the People’s Liberation Party, Orlando Saah Fallah, spoke on behalf of his party’s National Chairman Tipple Doe, he said, as the 2023 presidential and legislative elections draw nearer, the road will be very difficult and challenging.

He encouraged members of the opposition community to be very strong, courageous, committed, and far-sighted in order not to repeat the tragedy of 2017

“Liberia as a country that has experienced many tragedies but the tragedy in 2017 in which Liberians elected a footballer as a president is the worse since the founding of this country and people .”

According to him, today, the man uses the Executive Mansion in an ordinary manner because of his zero understanding of governance.

“One of our biggest challenges is that we have a man who does not know what to do because he has no understanding of how Liberia as a country should be run; as a result,  our country is retrogressing speedily. That is why we as young people must tell Mr. Weah and his group of thugs that enough is enough because we cannot afford to give the CDC another six years and take Liberia backward. Because, doing so we will be creating danger for the succeeding generation and this is the reason we at the PLP are encouraging this kind of gathering. Today, we are hearing that they are calling for the resignation of all magistrates of the National Elections Commission across the country in a bid to prepare the groundwork to rage the elections by some of the status quo. We will stand to protect the votes of the people and we the opposition should not see each other as enemies because in unity there is strength and we must encourage these types of gatherings as we are heading towards the elections.”

In remarks, the National Secretary General of the United People Party, Semion Kaykar, pointed out that the backward in terms of development among many of the neighboring countries is because Liberia has been very unfortunate to have a good leader.

“The UPP feels strongly that the leadership of the CPP can make a difference by ensuring that this country moves forward .”

The UPP National Secretary General appealed to all opposition political parties to work with the leadership of the CPP in order to form a united force in the 2023 elections.

During the entire program, the embattled political leader, Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, Senators Darius Dillon, Jonathan Karpay, and former Deputy House Speaker Hence Barchu were conspicuously absent which indicates that the division is still existing within the rank and file of the Liberty Party.

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