February 21, 2024

President Weah Appoints Officials to Nimba County Local Government

President George Manneh Weah Tuesday, August 23, made appointments in government, affecting the local administration of Nimba County.

Those appointed by President Weah include Mr. Lombayee M. Barlea, Statutory Superintendent of Tappita, Mr. Moses Dolo, Asst. Superintendent for Development of Saniquellie-Mah,
Mr. Josephus M. Paye, Sr., Asst. Superintendent for Development, Tappita, Mr. Daniel Bieh, Asst. Statutory Superintendent For Development, Yarwin-Mehnsonoh, and Mr. Alex Tomah, Asst. Statutory Superintendent For Development, Zoe-Geh

According to an Executive Mansion release, others include Mr. Levi Bainbo, Commissioner of Mehnsonoh Administrative District, Mr. Samuel Freeman, Commissioner, Zaihnia Administrative District, Mr. Samuel Dweh, Commissioner, Blinlon Administrative District, Mr. Henry Korso, Commissioner, Kparblee Administrative District, as well as Mr. Yelegar Yelegar, Inspector of Darwin-Mehnsonoh.

Also appointed by President Weah are Mr. Matthew Matadi, Commissioner of Kwendin Township, Madam Annetta Diagor, Commissioner of Graie Township, Mr. Newah Vaye, Commissioner of Doumpa District, Mr. Lawrence Weh, Commissioner of Camp #1 Township, Mr. Tomehn Mulbah, Commissioner of Mah-Display Township, Mr. Adolphus Nawon Sonkarlay, Commissioner of Gblah Township, Mr. Karton Johnson, Commissioner of Zoe-Luapa Township, and Mr. Moses B. Tiawon, Commissioner of Nanlah-Lepulah Township.

President Weah also appointed Mr. Erastus G. Duo, Paramount Chief of Wee-Gbehyi Chiefdom in Sacleapea-Mah, and Mr. Francis K. Duo, Clan Chief of Nyor Chiefdom in Buu-Yao District.

The appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

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