February 22, 2024

Montserrado County District# 12 Residents endorse Jerry Yogboh candidacy come 2023

Hundreds of residents under the banner Concerned Former Staffs and Supporters of Richmond Anderson, former Representative of Electoral District 12 in Montserrado County, have endorsed the candidacy of Jerry Yogboh in the 2023 president and legislative election in Liberia. The spokesman of the residents, Jeremiah Paye, described themselves as a conglomeration of former staffers, community coordinators, zone heads and axillaries of the Friends of Professor Richmond Anderson, who were drivers of his success when he won as representative in the district in 2011.

Speaking at a well-attended ceremony held near the Junction of Barnesville during the weekend, Mr. Paye added that having observed the performances of various sons and daughters aspiring to contest the seat of District Number 12 in Montserrado, they have resolved to endorse and pledge their support for the candidacy of Jerry Yogboh come 2023 elections.

Paye maintained that their decision to endorse Mr. Yogboh is based on their conviction and the supreme interest of the district.

“Jerry Yogboh has distinguished himself among the aspirants by undertaking several social and development projects in the district. He has shown deep compassion for humanity, intervening in addressing some of the plights of the residents and advocating for the betterment of the district. We strongly believe that the election of Jerry Yogboh is  the best to serve the interest of the district and our endorsement is based on his demonstration of leadership by the establishment of his foundation that is making tremendous successes in the lives of residents in the district”

According to Mr. Paye, Mr. Yogboh has singlehandedly undertaken the construction of a bridge valued at USD$13,250 connecting Bassa Town and Maryland Center communities, which has brought relief to the residents of those two areas.

He explained that the construction of bridges to link Kesselly Community, hand pumps, and street lights as well as the purchase of transformers in isolated areas not reached by the Liberia Electricity Corporation are reasons why they are supporting the representative aspirant.

Paye added that Mr. Yogboh did not only assisted in the renovation of schools in the district but he is an embodiment of a true educator by the establishment of a sustainable scholarship program to assist underprivileged students in the district

“Our legislative aspirant has placed 250 students on his scholarship, he has given financial assistance to university students and provided scholars to over 150 others in obtaining vocational trade for livelihood. Mr. Yogboh also made payment of entrance fees for more than 75 students at the University of Liberia.”

Mr. Paye claimed that the representative aspirant has also demonstrated a strong constituent relationship by engaging in regular consultation with residents on self-help developmental initiatives.

”Jerry Yogboh possesses the charismas and well-positioned personality to lobby with colleagues and government institutions when ascended to the legislature, we believe he will work in the interest of the people District 12,” Mr. Paye stated.

He indicated that the legislative aspirant has shown concern for the residents’ health by partnering with the Refuge Palace purposely to provide affordable health care, underwrite the treatment cost, and lobby for the government-owned clinic in the Township of Gardnerville to elevate from a clinic to a hospital.

Receiving the statement of endorsement, Mr. Yogboh expressed thanks and appreciation to the former staff and supporters of Richmond Anderson for their endorsement of his legislative bid to the national legislature.

He promised that he will continue to work with the people and assured them that he will never disappoint them when he is elected.

“This endorsement is an indication of the fruit of some of our labor and it has encouraged us to do more for the people of the district. This endorsement goes to the Jerry Yogboh Team and others who are working with me.”

He extended a hand of friendship to other legislative candidates to join him rather than wasting their time and resources in the name of contesting for a legislative seat, which will eventually become his. Mr. Yogboh admonished all other residents to join the wagon aimed at winning the seat noting that the people have decided their position.

The program which was held under a heavy downpour of rain was graced by a cross session of people including Muslim and Christian leaders, elderly women, and youth groups.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius   

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