February 22, 2024

Forpoh Vocational Institute Requests MFDP Quicken Institution’s Allotment

The administration of the  Forpoh Vocational Institute in Grand Kru County says the slow pace at which the Ministry of Finance and Development  Planning is releasing its allotment is hampering the institution’s operation. The institution’s Director, Gabriel Tidoe-Teh,  indicated that in the initial stage, Senator Albert Chie single-handedly financed the administration thereby solving the problems affecting the institution when there was no money coming from the government.

Addressing a press conference during the weekend, Mr. Tidoe-Teh explained that following the passage of the act establishing the institution, the administration received  75,000 United States Dollars as a subsidy under the Ministry of Youth and sports, which was intended for personnel salaries, goods, and services.  

According to him, the institution in March 2022, also received from the Liberian government through the Ministry of Finance and Development and Planning received two checks valued at 2,000,606,  Liberian Dollars and 19,000 United States Dollars purposely for the smooth running of the institution.

“The money above mentioned was used to pay staffers’ salaries, and purchase some additional office equipment to include stationeries among others in order to re-open the institution and continue the training of the first cycle program, which was suspended indefinitely as a result of lacked of finance to keep the institution functional,” he told the press conference.

Director Tidoe-Teh pointed out that courses offered at the institution for the first cycle of the training include tailoring, masonry, carpentry, and home economy. Others are general construction, general agriculture, general mechanics, computer education, mining, and environmental technology

 “To keep the  institution functional in the absence of subsidy,”  he went on,  the administration highly depended on  the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert  Chie; Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives J. Foniti Koffa, and the Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus.”   

He added that the establishment of the institution in that part of the country has bought great relief to the citizens who have the need to further their studies through vocational education. Tidoe-Teh maintained that in the past students desiring of acquiring vocational education were compelled to travel from other parts of the country to Maryland Margibi Nimba and Montserrado Counties purposely to attend institutions with vocational training.

The institution has already begun partnering with other TVET institutions in the country for the exchange of programs and teachers that will help bring his institution to equal standards with others. He promised to go all out in the loop and corners of Grand Kru County to encourage the young people to attend the institution to enable them to be self-employed after going through the training because the government cannot employ everybody.

 According to him, the institution is pleased with the level of cooperation they are receiving thus far through the help of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, headed by Minister Zorgar Wilson. Tidoe-Teh thanked the Liberian government particularly Senate Pro Tempore, Albert Chie, and the Grand Kru Legislative Caucus for their assistance to the institution thus far.

The institution opened its door to the public in that part of the country,  in June 2020 by an Act of the National Legislature but was forced to close its door temporarily due to financial constrained encountered.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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