February 25, 2024

Motorcyclists signed Peace Agreement to avoid violence ahead of 2023 elections

The Motorcycle and Tricycle Union of Liberia’s zonal leaders in Montserrado County have committed to never using violence in the nation as a way to undermine peace in the nation by signing a peace accord ahead of the 2023 General Elections. On Saturday, September 3, 2022, in Montserrado County, a daylong peace discussion titled “Liberia Conflict Mitigation and Management Youth for Peace,” sponsored by USAID and Catholic Relief Services, concludes with their decisions. According to John A.F. Kenyor, the President of the Motorcycle and Tricycle Union of Liberia, many people used to refer to motorcyclists as non-living creatures, zogos, arm robbers, and hopeless, among others, but noted that they are now agents of good change.

He claims that the leadership of the group came up with the idea to train and hold special workshops for their members in order to help them play a significant part in preserving peace throughout the nation and to lessen the negative attitudes that existed among them. According to Mr. Kenyor, motorcyclists have been known to set fire to a number of buildings across the nation, but because of the leadership’s creativity and the cyclists’ training and discipline, they have advanced past that level of devastation. As stated by Mr. Kenyor, “This peace discussion is aimed to help adolescents from disadvantage backgrounds and conflict-affected communities to contribute to positive peace within their community.”

Speaking at the event, Madam Abena Amedormey, Country Director of Catholic Relief Services, expressed grave concerns about preserving the peace in Liberia as the nation prepares for the 2023 elections. Without peace, everyday activities will not continue as usual, according to Madam Amedormey, who urged every individual to uphold peace at all times. She claimed that while the Catholic Relief Service works in more than 110 nations worldwide, they have been in Liberia since 1957, despite the country’s difficult times, with the aim of preserving peace.

Motorcyclists at the signing ceremony

”This project is very faithful to CRS because it is a peace program. In each of the countries we work, we have a peace project. Today is an event supported by USAID to speak to motorcyclists because of the work they do. We understand that motorcyclists are very critical to this program based on the job they do; taking people to work, pregnant women to the hospital, taking children to school and back and the list goes on. CRS is involved in education, health, sanitation, and agriculture among others. Without peace, we will not be able to implement any and because of these reasons we are supporting the government to maintain peace”, Madam Amedormey said.

Also speaking at the program, the Representative of USAID, Dr. Mandy Dagold, mentioned that maintaining peace in every community in Liberia for social co-existence is cardinal.”I am honored to be with you today to celebrate the rift of peace in Liberia. Being part of this peace talk most especially with motorcyclists, I am grateful. USAID is committed to this process of keeping the peace by creating awareness with young people for the benefit of everyone”, Dr. Dagold narrated.

Reported by: Sylvester S. Tamba

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