March 25, 2023

Rep. Korlubah; Legislators are Liberia’s problem

Buchanan- District# 10 Representative of Montserrado County Representative Yekeh Kolubah has termed the Senators and Representatives as a serious embarrassment to the Liberian people.

According to Representative Kolubah, the Lawmakers are the problems to the growth and development of the country because of their un-seriousness.

Speaking Saturday, September 5, 2022, with Magic FM a local radio station in Buchanan, the Monsterrado County District# 10 Lawmaker mentioned that the executive branch of government is running the country that will benefit them and their families instead of the Liberian people.

“If We mean well for the country as lawmakers, We will be critical on issues that would bring development to the citizens than submitting to the president”, he stated.

Rep. Kolubah noted that the power of the legislature is bigger than the executive so we should be critical on issues to make the executive work in the interest of the Liberian people.

“It is not the function of lawmakers to do projects in their district or county as a whole but to be critical on issues by using their three cardinal responsibilities”, He added.

The three cardinal functions of lawmakers according to him are lawmaking, representation, and oversight.

The opposition Lawmaker said his fellow Lawmakers are controlled by the executive and they are no longer working for the Liberian people for which they were elected.

The ANC Representative noted that as long as he is a representative of a group of Liberian people who he feels accountable to, he will remain critical for the right thing to be done and not take sides with the executive.

Reported by Grand Bassa County Correspondent: Marvin Vah Jr.
Contact: +231778401813

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