February 22, 2024

Sen. Dillon: “Those with Eyes should see, We are ready to proceed”

Buchanan-Senator Abraham Darius Dillion of Monsterrado County has stated that they are ready to move the Liberty Party to where it belongs ahead of the 2023 general elections.

According to Senator Dillion, if anyone thinks that the mistake they made will not allow them to move forward, they should begin to think twice as the Liberty Party is gearing up in full force.

Senator Dillon, who did not state what actually the mistake was, noted that those who have eyes should see for themselves. The opposition Lawmaker said, there are good things on the way to make the party stronger than before.

Speaking over the weekend during the Party’s fund drive program held at the Pavilion in Buchanan City-Grand Bass County, Senator Dillion urged all partisans and supporters of the party to keep the courage that one day Liberia will get better and the Liberty Party will liberate the people of Liberia.

Reported by Grand Bassa County Correspondent: Marvin Vah Jr.
Contact: +231778401813
Email: vahmarvin24@gmail.com

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