December 8, 2023

Liberia Senate Passes Divisive Bill

Monrovia-The Liberian Senate has decided to ensure that all elected officials (Senators and Representatives) in the 2023 elections and any future elections are seated while awaiting the outcome of any electoral complaints brought against them. This decision was made after consultation with the House of Representatives. Such a decision was made as a consequence of a conference committee report as part of modifications to the New Elections Law of 1986, according to Senator Varney Sherman, chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

Senator Sherman clarified the conference committee report by saying that elected officials will be properly compensated while carrying out their duties and that concerns will be investigated.

The conference committee report further said that any person (s) who filed a legal complaint and prevailed in the case against the incumbent elected officials would instantly assume office in accordance with the Court’s directive and carry on from where the prior elected official left off.

Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung proposed the amendment to the motion to pass the legislation.

In the meantime, many have criticized the Senate’s decision, claiming it merely serves to support the incumbent senators running for re-election. According to experts, the Liberian Senate’s action will exacerbate already existing problems in the nation stemming from the electoral process.

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