September 26, 2023

PYJ; I will never support Cummings

Nimba County controversial senator, Prince Y. Johnson has promised not to support presidential aspirant, Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC). Senator Johnson is known as the godfather of Nimba County with a huge population in Liberia.

According to the Nimba County Senator, he will not support Mr. Cummings because he supports the gay community, which he believes is against their tradition.

“Nimba County people will not support people who said they are not gay but they support gay activities, then you are a gay”.

Senator Johnson who has received support from the ANC Political leader to build his university noted that despite the support from the ANC Political, he will not support his presidential bid come 2023 due to his association with the gay community.

“Cummings contributed 55k United States Dollars towards my university building process but I will not support his gay activities”.

The Nimba County Senator has announced that in consultation with the people of Nimba, they have all pledged that they will not vote for an individual who associates with gays. They noted that one who associates with the said group is a part, of which they cannot support said group to lead the people of Liberia.

“2017 elections Debate, they asked Cummings whether he is a gay, and Cummings said he is not a gay but he supports gay rights. So I say Cummings is a dem gay, so I will never support him”.

The Nimba County Senator’s action against the ANC Political Leader has been criticized by former Deputy Information Minister, Isaac Jackson. According to him, Senator Johnson received 55 thousand United States dollars to build his university. He questioned the Nimba county law marker why he received money from someone who is engaged in a gay activity, Mr. Jackson noted that such is an act of hypocrisy.

Isaac Jackson, Former Information Minister

“You begged Cummings for 55k and you took his money now you calling him gay, that’s ingratitude “.

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