March 25, 2023

CPLR At Governance Commission to Enforce Code of Conduct ahead of 2023 Elections

The Commissioner for Political and Legal Reform at the Governance Commission George Howe has disclosed that the commission is ready to enforce the implementation of the code of conduct ahead of the 2023 elections. The code of conduct is to set standards of behavior and conduct required of public officials and employees of government which guide, regulate and ensure compliance what the norms and behaviors required of all public officials and employees.

Commissioner Howe indicated that the commission will next month begin the discussion with government ministries, agencies, bureaus, and commissions purposely for the enforcement and implementation of the instrument.

Commission Howe spoke  Wednesday at the start of a two-day code of conduct popularization internal engagement within the Governance Commission in Monrovia.

Commission Howe stressed the need for President Weah to set up able men that will address conflict arising from the code of conduct.

In remakes, the Commissioner for National Integrity System, D. Karn Carlos, urged employees at the Governance Commission to put aside their internal fight and work together in ensuring that the code of conduct is implemented.

According to him, the code of conduct is a standard for good governance in Liberia for employees of the government and appointed officials and appealed to GC to help to popularize it to the public.

For her part, the Vice Chairperson designate at the Governance  Commission, Elizabeth Dorkin, said the GC  will give consideration to a proposal by some discussants to print the code of conduct in pocket size.

She said the Governance  Commission is appreciative of the contributions of the various discussants at the deliberation because they will eventually assist the commission in enforcing the code of conduct.  

The code of conduct popularization of internal engagement of employees of the Governance Commission and representatives of the government agencies, commissions, and bureaus continue. 

The deliberation was graced by representatives of the National Elections Commission, the Liberia Anti–Corruption Commission, General Auditing Commission, and the Ministry of Justice among others.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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