March 23, 2023

Montserrado County District #12 Representative Hopeful Jepekei Promises to unseat incumbent

Ahead of the 2023 general and Presidential elections in Liberia, a Representative hopeful in District #12 Montserrado County has vowed to unseat the incumbent Lawmaker George Beyan Samah due to poor representation at the level of the Legislature. According to Farwen D. Jepekei, the Current Lawmaker has abandoned the District as such, the people of District #12 are prepared to honorable retired him comes 2023.

The representative hopeful noted that the current Lawmaker does not have the requisite qualifications as a Leader to manage and steer the affairs of the District. He added that the people are confronted with a lot of challenges in the District and Rep. Samah’s inability to mitigate these challenges has left him with no alternative but to migrate from the District abandoning his people and the District.

He mention that residents of the District have not experienced quality Leadership something he described as an unfortunate situation. the people of District #12 Montserrado County have struggled over the years for proper representation at the level of the house of Representatives as such the District is lacking behind interim of developmental activities.

The Regional Logistics Manager for Mantrac said his quest to represent the District derives from Leaders representing the District’s inability to provide quality Leadership; he named Poor health, ineffective governance, lack of constant electricity, safe drinking water, and lack of Job opportunities for youth amongst other basic social service delivery are challenges that residences of the District are confronted with.

He mentioned that under his Leadership these challenges Will be priorities under a strategic team quick impact Project to respond to emergency situations in the District. He used the occasion to call on residents of the District to be patient and remain focused as the District will experience rappy development under his Leadership beginning in 2024; pending the results of the general and Presidential elections.

He used the occasion to inform the public that the District is blessed with over twenty companies operating in the country but residents of the District are yet to benefit from any of these companies.

The Regional Logistics Manager for Mantrac said the people of the District have not felt the Representative impact in terms of his three Cardinal functions as a Lawmaker to include: Lawmaking, oversight, and proper representation despite the thirty thousand United States Dollars given to Lawmaker for Legislative engagement in the various electoral Districts. He noted that Rep. Sambah can not point to any tangible project he has undertaken in the District.

Mr. Jepekei at the same time said the District Lawmaker has scored zero percent since his ascendency as representative of District #12 Montserrado County. He made the accession Friday, September 23, 2022, at the commencement Convention of the Hope International school when he served as a special guest to present special honors to graduates who started the institution from the elementary level.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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