September 21, 2023

Archie Sarnor; National Legislature turns money-making center

A former legislative candidate in the electoral district 16 in Montserrado  County has observed that Liberia is retrogressing because the electorates have not been able to make decisions that reflect the well-being, aspirations, and the country’s interest.

Archie Sarnor added that some people have taken the national legislature as a  place of representation for money-making because the electorates are not looking at issues that are affecting the country but rather tribalism and, religions.

Mr. Sarnor made the statement when he appeared as a guest at the Point Four Intellectual forum located on Bushrod Island outside Monrovia. According to him,  lawmakers are not in the national legislature to defend the interest of the president but the people he or she represents.

“Nowadays, public officials steal government money, we clap for them instead of working together to have them prosecuted for embezzlement. Until we can work collectively to prosecute these corrupt officials in the habit of stealing public resources,  this country will always find it difficult to make progress and succeed”.

According to him, some former officials of government, who have been sanctioned by the United States,  are now bringing these stolen resources to contest for elected positions to protect this ill-gotten wealth. He admonished Liberians against voting for people based on the fatness of their pockets because they are only spending on the electorates for their votes.

“Presidents will come and presidents will go, we do not fight for change for retrogression but rather progression, because the power to govern in Liberia is in the hands of the electorates.”

Sarnor encouraged the electorates to check the characteristics interim of records of candidates, their capacities to perform and their patriotism to determine the good leaders at the district and national levels. The political activist expressed optimism that Liberia will transform in a relatively short period of time if the electorates can check the candidates’ stands on national issues, patriotism, and love for the country.

“We Liberians are the architects of our own issues because those who push for transparency, accountability, and sincerity end up being victimized by the very people they are fighting for and are removed from public service because they do have stolen wealth. When the majority of the populace cannot afford a daily meal, why should a representative who serves the people travel in cars costing 80,000 US dollars? This is a blatant act of wickedness, and it’s a ruse to get the populace to depend on them for survival rather than passing laws that will strengthen the nation”.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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