December 6, 2023

CEDSC Dedicates special home for children living with disabilities and less-fortunate

The Children’s Educational and Developmental Support Center has unveiled a special home for children living with disabilities and less fortunate. The home seeks to provide shelter and a learning environment for children from birth to fifteen years who are disabled and less fortunate.

The Chief Executive Officer of CEDs said his organization’s goal is to provide shelter, medical supplies & Equipment, food items, clothing, and special primary education among others for children with disabilities and the less fortunate.

Alexis Worji noted that he was moved to give back to his country, especially to children who are disabled, and the less fortunate from birth to age fifteen years. Mr. Worji lamented that he is passionate to put a smile on the faces of those kids whose parents cannot afford a daily meal and medical bills, something which he said he was once in a similar situation.

 “I am not doing this for myself; I’m doing this for the Liberian Children. We need to end the suffering of the children in Liberia.” Worji noted.

CEDS CEO said the funding for the construction of the safe home for the less fortunate and a child with a disability is being sourced from his pocket. Alexis Worji has however called on the Government of Liberia and other humanitarian organizations to help in providing a better livelihood for children living with disabilities in Liberia.

According to Worji, this is the first time in the history of Liberia for an organization of his kind to give life and hope to the less fortunate and children with disabilities.

For his part, the head of the joint Educational Committee Secretariat at the Legislature called on the Ministry of Education to formulate a special program for people living with disabilities.

According to Alex Gborlee of the Children’s Educational and Developmental Support Center, it is past time for the Ministry to stop spending money on rewards and other goods and services. Instead, he added, they should concentrate on allocating funds to the budget that will help people with disabilities.

Mr. Gborlee made the assertion over the weekend when he served as a guest speaker at the official launching ceremony of the Children’s Educational and Developmental Support Center in the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville.

Reported by: Watson Richard

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