March 25, 2023

NICOL Insurance impressively Making Impact
GSA Boss Mary Broh

-Wants All Sectors Engaged

Monrovia-The National Insurance Corporation of Liberia (NICOL Insurance) keeps providing young Liberians with chances for employment and professional growth. After a month of demanding introduction to insurance training, the company graduated 9 new insurance professionals on Friday, October 7.

The second class of insurance professionals to graduate in the past six months, following an inaugural class of eight on April 29, 2022, was recognized at the corporation’s headquarters on the corner of Front and Buchanan Streets for the ceremony.

The Director General of the General Services Agency, Madame Mary T. Broh served as the keynote speaker and spoke on the theme: “Nation Building Through Excellent Service Delivery & Utmost Professionalism For A Better & Enhanced Business Culture In Liberia.”

Using the occasion, Madame Broh praised NICOL’s management for the company’s rapid improvement and urged other government agencies to collaborate with NICOL.

The General Services Agency (GSA) Director General, Madame Mary T. Broh, addressed the second graduating class of nine insurance professionals and emphasized that NICOL’s Managing Director Sam Mannah and his team had established a new model approach in the Liberian society by quickly developing young Liberians into insurance professionals and hiring them for employment opportunities at NICOL.

Prior to Mr. Sam Mannah taking on the role of Managing Director, the GSA boss acknowledged that NICOL had been effectively dead for a number of years. Mr. Mannah has done an excellent job of bringing the organization back to life and restoring it to a respectable status that necessitates that all government agencies and Ministries participate in the corporation.

She continued by expressing her organization’s readiness to host NICOL employees at the GSA and noting that the management group at NICOL, led by Sam Mannah and his deputy, Princeton Miller, has proven to be dependable and up to the task of serving the public’s interest in Liberia through good and high-quality insurance policies and services.

Madame Broh made use of the occasion to exhort the graduates to be watchful in the performance of their duties and to act very honestly and professionally.

The GSA boss urged Liberians to abandon the outdated belief that insurance is a waste of money because insurance is a safety net that offers security, protection, and peace of mind in case they were to get into an accident or have property damage, noting that NICOL Insurance is a crucial service for Liberians and for the development of Liberia.

The nine graduates are the second group of insurance professionals to be integrated into the NICOL system of Insurance professionals, according to Managing Director Sam Mannah of NICOL.

He expressed his joy at the realization of his ideal of nurturing and strengthening young Liberians in a work- and service-oriented environment and his wish to include more young Liberians in the NICOL system as more funding becomes available.

According to Mr. Mannah, NICOL has been able to hire 17 Liberians for canning work in the past six months and plans to hire more as they grow.

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