March 24, 2023


A civil society organization DOMAFEIGN and its partners, Actionaid Liberia, organized a four-day annual review and reflection action points through sporting events and an indoor program held in the Gbarma District that brought together five clans in the district to stop harmful traditional practices, calling on SIDA to provide financial support.

The event is a part of the JEC project, which looks at how easily accessible sexual and reproductive health information and services are for women, girls, and underrepresented groups. To combat violence against women and girls, electoral violence, and the abolition of harmful traditional practices throughout the country, JEC works to promote communal harmony.

The Executive Director of DOMAFEIGN, Mr. BOIMAH COLEMAN, called on every Liberian to take the fight against women and girls, electoral violence, and harmful traditional practices seriously in order to maintain peace and restore human dignity in society. He was speaking at the conclusion of their four-day Annual Community Reflection and Action Point program over the weekend in Gbarma with large numbers of participants across the County.

DOMAFEIGN  Director encouraged the Community base organizations CBO to educate the public that teachers are not suppose to have sex with students for grades,  no sex for jobs, no violence before during and after elections, and right to Family planning among  Young  Girls and Women and stop the harmful traditional practices.

In order to cease stigmatizing children growing up in their local environment, he urged the government of Liberia to stop certifying traditional leaders who participate in damaging traditional practices and to heed the call of international partners.

During the Sexual Harassment Exploitation and Abuse (SHEA) and Safeguarding session, Actionaid Liberia’s Communications Officer, Mr. Khulekani Sibindi, made a statement on behalf of the organization. He noted that SHEA is an international policy intended to prevent and protect vulnerable populations, particularly women, children, people with disabilities, and adults at risk.

“All nations, including Liberia, are required to embrace the policy as it has evolved into an international working document. He added that none of Actionaid Liberia’s employees, implementing partners, and vendors are permitted to interact with the beneficiaries “.

Meanwhile,   the Executive  Director for Gbarma Youths for development and collective Action  Ms. Josephine M. Poole said young Girls have the right to their bodies and no Man should feel offended to carry out sexual violence against them.

The DOMAFEIGN  however, organized three days of sporting activities amongst  Girls and boys within the four clans in the Gbarma district both in kickball and football that brought together hundreds of the inhabitants to celebrate their Annual Community  Reflection and Action Point program.

During the sporting activities,   Matherline  M. Sesay a Captain of the Tarkpomah  Clan kickball who claimed to be a member of their girls’ forum encouraged others to part take in their activities and discuss the social problems affecting them.

“We are a  team of  Social workers from a human rights background that is,  DOMAFEIGN  with ActionAid LIBERIA to inform the Citizens of the Just equal  Community project  (JEC).   In this project, we gather information around where young people will go out and be able to gather information about their sexualities and free health services into places that it should be”, DOMAFEIGN  program  Officer,  Foxter  Jenemana narrated at the Gbarma sports pitch over the weekend. 

He said, their activities are aimed at sending a message across the country on how young people will utilize the opportunities to educate others on their basic social challenges and find solutions to their problems. 

According to him, their initiative has upgraded most of their mentees into Community-Based Organizations Ambassadors that are taking over their own responsibilities to spread the insignificant nature of  Human dignity and rights in their respective societies.

Reported by: Joseph Tumbey 

Contact: +231777941209


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