December 8, 2023

MRU warns Member Nations about Global warming

The Mano River Union’s Secretary General is urging its member nations to take immediate action to put in place the policies and procedures necessary for the effective execution of policies to address the issues and negative effects of global warming on the environment. Extreme droughts and floods that have recently affected much of the world, according to Ambassador Madina Weeseh, are due to the damaging consequences of human activity on the ecosystem.

The decision was taken by Ambassador Wesseh during her keynote address commemorating the official launch of the strategic action program at the beginning of a five-day workshop for conservationists of member countries hosted by the Mano River Union in Monrovia. She claims that the goal of the strategic action program’s introduction is to have discussions with all relevant parties about the policies and procedures that will be used to ensure the process is carried out successfully. Regarding the issues and their effects on the environment, contribution to global warming, and destructive effect, Ambassador Wesseh added.

“We can safely reach the conclusion that be it in rich or poor developed countries, the weather fears no foe. We need to propose  relevant and realistic actions to tackle the effects of these problems and we must all take action to be friends of the earth.”

The MRU sub-region, according to Ambassador Wesseh, is rich in natural resources, including minerals like diamond, gold, and iron ore of varying grades and quality. she mentioned that We are all witnessing the unorganized exploitation of resources meant to support the socio-economic growth of communities and nations. These continue to endanger our ecology by reducing the forest canopy, reducing precipitation, polluting the environment, and drying up the rivers. In order for us to all work together to safeguard the remaining natural forest and resources for the rest of the world, careful planning must be done regarding how to extract, mine, manage, and maintain the environment in this region.

The strategic action program process, according to ambassador Wesseh, is required to be carried out professionally and provide initiatives that are feasible and bankable for the environment and the welfare of communities living in the sub-region. She spoke on the subject “International Water Resources Management of the Manor River Union Project and Ecosystem Conservation.”

In remarks, Mike Doryen, the managing director of the Forestry Development Authority, gave the assurance that the government will fully cooperate in the implementation of the strategic action program. William Pewu, the technical manager at the FDA, read the speech on his behalf. He said the strategic action program’s beginning coincides with the resolution of the transnational environmental issues affecting the three major river basins the Mokona, Cavalla, and Scarcies Basins that are being targeted, as well as the Mano River basin, within the framework of the Global Environmental Facility. Mr. Pewu issued a warning to participants, reminding them that the procedure sets forth a clear hierarchy of activities to be taken in order to address transboundary issues.

“As we strive to sustainably manage the remaining portion of the Upper Guinea Rain Forest, we urge all of our sister MRU countries to remain resolute in their resolve to efficiently manage transboundary resources which remain our common patrimony as riparian nations”.

The project entitled: “ Mano River Union Ecosystem Conservation and International Water Resource Management Project, is funded by the Global Environmental Facility and the International Conservation Union.

The workshop, which included environmentalists and conservationists from Liberia, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone, is scheduled to go for five days.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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