December 8, 2023

LNP forward Two Men to court for allegedly Forgery, Impersonating, Criminal Conspiracy, and Criminal Solicitation

The Liberia National Police has sent two men to court on a number of accusations, including forgery, impersonating officials, criminal conspiracy, criminal facilitation, and criminal solicitation. Lennart Dodoo, Editor-in-Chief of Frontpage Africa, filed a complaint, and as a result, the two suspects were taken into custody on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

According to the Liberia National Police report, the suspects Cyrus Jackson and Junior V. Folley have been sent to the Monrovia City Court for perpetrating several crimes. Top government officials and other permanent residents allegedly called the complainant Dodoo multiple times over the course of several weeks, claiming that they had been receiving calls from someone posing as him (Editor Dodoo), asking for financial aid.

The complaint added that the two suspects placed a call to individuals that he (Editor Dodoo) was contesting for the Press Union of Liberia presidency slated for November, saying they needed money for his petitioning program to be held in Gbarnga, City, Bong County. In the course of the LNP’s preliminary investigation, it was proven by the facts that Cyrus Jackson and Junior V. Folley interacted using fake/forged Editor Dodoo identification cards and screenshots of conversations/chats with government officials.

The investigation team charged suspects Cyrus Jackson and Junior V. Folley with forgery, impersonating an official, criminal conspiracy, criminal facilitation, and criminal solicitation, all of which are in violation of sections 15.70, 10.2, and 10.3 of the Revised Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia. Suspect George Vaye is charged with the same offense in absentia.

It is reported that the suspects are expected to take the witness stand in court shortly to further justified or defend their alleged actions.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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