March 25, 2023

Archie Sarnor Admonishes Gov’t to settle rice problem

Monrovia-A former candidate for the legislature in Montserrado County’s Electoral District 16 has made a suggestion to the Liberian government to discuss raising the price of rice or settling the debt owed to rice importers as subsidies. The cost of exporting rice to Liberia from overseas has increased since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, according to Archie Sarnor, a well-known opponent of the CDC-led administration.

In an interview, Mr. Sarnor stated it would be preferable to pay 15 US dollars for a 25 KG bag of rice than to go without food due to a lack of the food item on the Liberian market. He claims that because the incident that precipitated the April 14th Rice Riot did not reach this level, the patience of the Liberians is progressively wearing out.

Sarnor advised the government to invest in domestic rice production with the money used for subsidies rather than relying on the global market for the stability of the nation. Commenting on the discovery of drugs worth more than $100 million USD, the former war crime court attorney urged the US government to continue its probe into the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and some officers of the security organizations in Liberia. As a result of the use of Liberian diplomatic passports by drug lords, money launderers, terrorists, white-collar criminals, and parachute investors of all stripes, Mr. Sarnor claimed that Liberia’s standing in the international community has been declining.

“According to all indications, the corporation has been protected by senior government officials at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in order to receive particular preferential treatment when it comes to avoiding inspection at the Free Port of Monrovia. The drug problem is one of the key reasons influencing thousands of children who are now posing hazards in practically all of the communities in the country, and we’re talking about one-eighth of the national budget.

“Despite the two-week deadline set by President George Weah, Foreign Minister Dee Maxwell Kameyah has yet to provide a report on the findings of the investigation into the Sheikh Bassirou passport case”.

The former candidate for public office alleged that senior Liberian government officials are involved in the money laundering, sale of Liberian diplomatic passports, and trafficking of illegal substances.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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