February 22, 2024

PFL starts a USD$150,000 scholarship campaign for the nation’s 1,500+ prisoner kids.

Monrovia-Over 1,500 children of prisoners across the nation will get scholarships worth over $150,000 through an initiative that Prison Fellowship Liberia has formally inaugurated. The Prison Fellowship International-sponsored project, code-named “Breaking the Circle/Promise Path,” will provide the beneficiaries with school supplies, literature, and health insurance.

The promise route project is an initiative of Prison Fellowship International that is implemented in the nation by Prison Fellowship Liberia, according to Reverend Karpee Parton, the Program Coordinator at Prison Fellowship Liberia. He claims that the PFL is a human rights organization that supports criminal defendants, their families, and crime victims. Reverend Parton made it clear that the organization collaborates with governmental actors to guarantee that inmates’ rights are upheld and to meet some of their needs as well as those of crime victims on the basis of this background.

He continued by saying that over the past seven years, the PFL has also offered thousands of youngsters nationwide access to higher education through scholarships at the schools of their choice. The program, according to Reverend Parton, aims to stop the criminal cycle by making sure that offenders’ children attend school in order to prevent them from adopting their loved ones’ illegal habits.

“Most of the inmates are serving their long sentences in prisons, as a result, we have come in order to assist their children to have the means of attending school like other children in society. If these children are not educated now, there is a possibility that they will grow up and return to criminal activities like their loved ones or parents who are serving long jail terms. We believe that the children of inmates, no matter whatever crimes they have committed, also have the right to education like those whose parents are free and out of trouble with the law.”

The Financial Officer of Prison Fellowship Liberia, Reverend Edwin Johnson, gave a performance during the project’s official inauguration ceremony to express gratitude to Prison Fellowship International for agreeing to sponsor thousands of inmates’ children in Liberia. The PLF Financial Officer also applauded Reverend Francis Kollie for taking on the duty of promoting the education of kids of prisoners in Liberia. He claims that despite his poor health, Reverend Kollie won’t be permitted to take a nap until the children of prisoners in Liberia can complete their required education.

Representatives of the recipients, school administrations, the district education officer, and many more attended the program.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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