February 28, 2024

UMHRM raises concerns about arbitrary killings in Liberia

The increasing rise in arbitrary killings around the nation has drawn grave alarm from the United Methodist Human Rights Monitor. Jefferson Knight, the program director for the monitor, claimed that the Liberia National Police was doing little to stop the death of underprivileged youngsters and the practice of “jungle justice” from spreading.

At a press conference in Monrovia, Mr. Knight claimed that Liberia was turning into a haven for gangsters where people could murder others without consequence. He claims that because mob justice has a tendency to harm the innocent, the Liberia National Police needs to become more conscious of its effects. The United Human Rights Monitor also expressed concern about the high number of men who kill their partners based only on unfounded claims of extramarital affairs, material possessions, or confusion.

Meanwhile, Mr. Knight has urged the Liberian government to stop providing a subsidy of eleven million US dollars to rice importers and redirect the money to farmers so that more rice can be grown domestically. Jefferson Knight, the program director for the monitor, said that releasing eleven million dollars to subsidize rice imports constituted the improper use of public funds and mismanagement of state assets.

Additionally, Mr. Knight urged the government of Liberia to allow the general public to import rice in order to spur competition among traders and, eventually, to lower prices. He claims that some government representatives are taking advantage of the ban on rice imports to take advantage of Liberians for their own personal gain. Rice is a commodity that no dictatorship should play around with because it has a tendency to spark unrest in the nation, Knight told the leadership, warning them to read the signs on the wall.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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