December 6, 2023

Pres. Weah Nominates New Relieving Circuit Court Judges and City Mayors

Monrovia, Release-President George Manneh Weah has submitted nominations for positions in the government that will have an impact on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Judicial Branch, particularly the local government of River Gee County. On Thursday, October 13, 2022, President Weah nominated Cllr. Nyananti Tuah as Solicitor General of Liberian.

The Liberian Leader stated that Cllr. Tuah’s nomination was motivated by his desire to contribute more significantly to the advancement of peace, reconciliation, and development in Liberia. On the same day, Cllr. Wesseh A. Weseh and Cllr. Nelson B. Chinneh as Relieving Judges for the Circuit Courts, Judicial Branch of Government.

According to an Executive Mansion release, Mr. Weah also appointed Mr. Taryee Toe and Mr. Shelton Saydee as the city mayors of Kanweaken and Fish Town Cities, respectively, in River Gee Counties. Where relevant, the honorable Liberian Senate must confirm the appointments.

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