February 28, 2024

Paye-Layleh promises to give monthly salary to citizens of District #8, Nimba county when elected

BBC correspondent to Liberia and Representative hopeful Jonathan Paye-Layleh of District #8 Nimba county has promised citizens of District #8 Nimba county his monthly salary when elected, similar to Montserrado County senator Abraham Darius Dillon who promised citizens of his county portion of his salary during the 2020 senatorial elections. When elected as the District Lawmaker, he will be the first legislator since the establishment of the Republic of Liberia to present his monthly salary from the government to District residents, according to correspondence with the British Broadcasting Cooperation.

Locals will decide his share of the pay, he claimed, and when he is chosen to represent District # 8 of Nimba County, residents will notice a complete transformation in a short period of time. The candidate for District #8 representative stated that the district’s residents had not received high-quality leadership, which he regarded as a regrettable situation on the part of both previous and current leaders. It is time for the district’s citizens to take advantage of some developmental initiatives, according to Paye-Layleh.

He stated that his top objective is to alter the narrative on Capitol Hill since “chasing the brown envelope” would not be tolerated, but he also pledges to continue advocating for the younger generation and assembling a team of experts who will speak out on behalf of Liberians. He emphasized the necessity for the country’s economic structure to be developed and strengthened in order to create job opportunities for young people nationwide.

In order to reduce the rising level of corruption in public offices and restore sanity to the House of Representatives, Mr. Paye-Layleh emphasized the importance of setting up an economic crime court in Liberia. At the same time, the representative hopeful for District #8 warns the Liberian government to enhance the nation’s educational system through the Ministry of Education.

He stated that it is disappointing that a single legislator can create a private university that will benefit only his or her family while an entire county cannot afford to build a public elementary school or university. He noted that the necessary authority that is tainted with the duty to investigate the establishment is tight lips. He made the accession Monday on a local radio station OK FM in Monrovia.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
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