December 8, 2023

58 years old man arrested for allegedly murdering wife

A report from Bong County says Police in Gbarnga City have charged and sent to court Kokulo Kpaquoi, a 58-year-old man for allegedly murdering his wife, Nowai Yaekpawolo.

After being arrested, Kokulo claimed that his behavior was motivated by the victim’s alleged unwillingness to give him LRD$500 (USD$3.33) which was earned through the selling of cane juice a local alcoholic beverage produced in that part of Liberia.

He narrated that during a police investigation that his late wife has carried out acts of accepting money and not reporting but could not help to see such a little amount of money go without impunity.

In less than three weeks, a man’s wife has been murdered twice. After all of the national government’s efforts to increase the rights and benefits of women and children in the nation, the first incident included a man who killed his wife for bush meat in the same Bong County Electoral District #1.

Photo credit: Melvin Siakor

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