April 2, 2023

I’m Disappointed in LISGIS, and I need my money back, Local caterer Call for help

Madam Kleenweh Karnga, a local caterer in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, has made the decision to disrupt the LISGIS training session until she receives payment for the food items she purchased for the training session. The Grand Bassa County enumerators are being trained by LISGIS, the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services.

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, in Buchanan City, Madam Karnga informed journalists that LISGIS had employed her services through its Local Director Joseph Piah to provide food for more than 200 individuals in Compound #3. She claims that she pre-financed the catering services in accordance with the organization’s directives, which prompted her to obtain a loan from a bank in Buchanan City. Madam Karnga said she wanted to satisfy LISGIS’s request for a 10-day catering service for which, she borrowed an amount of USD$7000.

Prepared chicken and fish

However, she expressed her dissatisfaction, saying that she was astonished when Mr. Piah told her they would never need her services again after she had already purchased the food and carried it to Compound #3 for the 10-day program. The circumstance, according to Madam Kleenweh Karnga, who runs a neighborhood bar and restaurant near the Modern Car Wash in the Benson River region, was a setback for her enterprise. She is requesting assistance from the County Authority and the Bassa Legislative Caucus in her dispute with LISGIS.

Bake Bread

For his part, Mr. Joseph Piah, the director of LISGIS in Grand Bassa, told reporters that the issue is a national one but did not refute the charge. The issue expressed by Madam Karnga is real, Mr. Piah stated, but he reassured her and the public that it will be remedied in a few days.

Reported by: Marvin Vah, Jr.
Contacts: 0778401813/0880016548

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