December 8, 2023


A representative aspirant of electoral district three in Grand Bassa County, Mr. Togar Alexander Bealded says he will provide job opportunities for his District’s citizens if elected in 2023.

Mr. Bealded said if he cannot provide job opportunities for the people, he should not be re-elected after his first six years.

According to Mr. Bealded, too many people are jobless, something he said he wants to change the way things are.

Speaking in Buchanan, he said there should be no one to get re-elected if they cannot provide jobs for the citizens.

He mentioned that one of the major problems he sees as an Aspirant is that people lack jobs.

Mr. Bealded added that job creation on his plan is a must; stating that he only needs the opportunity to provide it to the citizens.

He concluded by saying the days of giving the citizens handout are over but job creation is his concern.

Reported by: Marvin Vah, Jr.
Contacts: 0778401813/0880016548

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