September 25, 2023

Liberia National Arms Commission Destroys firearms and ammo in Schiefflin Township

The proliferation of illegal weapons in the hands of non-state actors continues to pose a threat to the peace and security of Liberia, according to the Ministry of National Defense. According to Prince Vincent, deputy defense minister for operations, the proliferation in the hands of non-state actors worsens the pain and insecurity of common people.

At the Edward Beyan Kesselly Barracks in the Township of Schiefflin, Margibi County, Minister Vincent made the comment during his keynote address commemorating the destruction of weapons and ammunition by the Liberia National Commission on Arms. According to him, if these life-threatening weapons and ammunition are not properly managed, it may certainly result in an increase in criminal activity in the nation.

Prince Vincent, Deputy Defense Minister for Operations

“In accordance with the ECOWAS Protocol, which was adopted by the West African regional organization’s member nations to control, regulate, manufacture, and prevent the transfer of all forms of weapons, the Liberian National Commission on Arms and its allies destroyed these weapons. The Liberian Ministry of National Defense and the Armed Forces of Liberia are pleased with the efforts to destroy weapons and explosives, which is also consistent with the Act that established the Liberia National Commission on Arms.”

Attorney Maxwell Grigsby, the chairman of the Liberia National Commission on Arms, highlighted his concern regarding the importation of a significant amount of explosives for commercial usage in his remarks. His panel now has the authority to watch over and monitor the importation of these explosives into the nation, according to the new mandate, in his opinion.

Attorney Maxwell Grigsby, Chairman of Liberia National Commission on Arms

He insisted that the Liberia National Commission on Arms would continue to control the possession of firearms and would not create any military specifically to carry out its duties. He expressed gratitude to the Liberian Armed Forces for assisting the Liberia National Commission on Arms by using their resources, men, and facilities.

The Pro-Poor Agenda for Development identifies the maintenance of peace and security as a priority, which supports Liberia’s effort to thrive in a peaceful and stable environment as opposed to the terrible experiences of the dark years of war, Louis Kuukpen, the Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program, said at the program. He claims that the UNDP is glad to assist the Liberian government in its efforts to control arms, including by enhancing the abilities of the Liberia National Commission on Arms and other state security partners to prevent the trafficking, illegal exchange, circulation, and misuse of illegal arms and weapons.

“It has been confirmed that the misuse, illicit transfer, and destabilizing accumulation of small arms and light weapons and their ammunitions remain a defining factor in undermining peace and security at national, regional, and global levels and, in most instances, have profoundly aggravated situations for vulnerable populations already suffering from conflict.”

Presidential Security Advisor Jefferson Karmoh, Solicitor General-designate Nyanati Tuan, members of the diplomatic corps, Traditional Leaders, and partners attended the ceremony.

Chief Zarzar Kawor, Amb. Julie Endee and others

The United Nations Development Program, the European Union, the West African regional organization, ECOWAS, the African Union, Germany, and others funded the destruction of the guns, ammunition, and explosives, which will last three days.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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