March 25, 2023

ALCOP will present a presidential candidacy in 2023 Election; says, Losine Kamara

The presidential and parliamentary elections in Liberia set for 2023 would have a presidential candidate from the All Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP). Losine Kamara, a political official for ALCOP, stated that regardless of whether a candidate is on the party’s ticket or not, the party will submit their name to run for president.

Mr. Kamara remarked as he officially handed the party’s national chairman 15 brand-new motorcycles, which will be distributed over the weekend to the chairmen of the county chapters of ALCOP in the 15 sub-political divisions. In order to grow the party’s membership ahead of the campaign for the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, he urged ALCOP members to start reaching out to new people. He claims that the purpose of the meeting is to allay rumors that ALCOP may nominate a candidate for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

A cross session of ALCOP partisans at the presentation ceremony

In order to build the party at the grassroots level in all localities, Mr. Kamara admonished supporters to stay united, be loyal to the party, and put an end to all backbiting. The political leader of ALCOP also urged supporters to sign up during the biometric voter registration process since failure to do so would render the electoral process useless. Ansu Dorley, the national chairman of ALCOP, announced that the party would conduct its national convention in Gbarnga, Bong County, on December 3, 2023.

He claims that the convention will bring together representatives from the party’s 15 sub-political divisions specifically to elect the standard bearer, who will run on the party’s ticket for president the next year. Chairman Dorley noted that the ALCOP will field candidates to run for every parliamentary and senate seat throughout the 15 sub-political divisions.

15 bikes procured by ALCOP             

“We have successfully chosen the leaders for 10 of the country’s fifteen political sub-divisions, and we will soon hold elections for the five remaining sub-divisions.”

Chairman Dorley asserts that ALCOP has been operating covertly and that partisans based in the United States were responsible for enabling the bike’s purchase.

As the presidential and parliamentary elections get closer, “ALCOP will be presenting its case in Gbarnga, Bong County where delegates will provide the mandate to the national executive committee.”

Members of the party’s national executive committee, supporters, and well-wishers attended the program, which was held at the ALCOP headquarters on the Japanese Freeway, in Montserrado County.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

Contact: +231777463963


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