February 28, 2024

Five SEGAL officers recognized by AML for their dedication and commitment

ArcelorMittal Liberia honored five members of the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) on Tuesday, November 1. The allocated officers at AML’s operations region in Buchanan Grand Bassa County were honored for their steadfast and committed support of the business over the years.

As part of best practices, the company is moving to motivate its employees, according to AML’s Head of Corporate Services Samuel Stevquoah. Recognizing hard effort and dedication among employees is an added benefit in the workplace, he claimed, adding that the project will be expanded to its Nimba operations area as well.

“You play a crucial role in the company’s success because you serve as its representative both while entering and leaving.”

He stated that the recognizing program is a component of the company’s annual endeavor and that they will continue to do so. He noted that even though they are not perfect, he advised SEGAL officials to always be proud of themselves because perfection is a process that can be worked on over time. After all, their CEO is proud of the company. Mr. Stevquoah encourages the officers to keep doing their good work and uphold the laws against discrimination for the sake of the business and their field.

“Let discipline be the hallmark of your work as paramilitary people, and learn to channel your differences via your leaders.”

SEGAL Boss and honorees in photo

In addition to recognizing them, the Company gave each honoree a certificate and a 25kg bag of rice as a token of appreciation for their dedication. The security company providing expert security services for AML in the counties of Grand Bassa and Nimba is SEGAL. Over three thousand Liberians work for the company, which is owned and operated by Liberians, and they are spread over thirteen of the country’s fifteen counties.

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SEGAL, Momo Cyrus, spoke at the ceremony as well and commended his officers on their excellent service. He simultaneously praised the management of AML for its timely and genuine initiative to motivate its personnel. To further encourage them to work harder on the job, Mr. Cyrus simultaneously gave the female honorees 150 USD and the male honorees 100 USD.

“Your effort has increased our productivity and morale, which we much appreciate and hold in high favor.”

According to the SEGAL Boss, they will continue to remain engaged and supportive of them.

“We will do all we can to ensure that we re-energized your lost motivation, we are aware that there are challenges but we can assure you that, it will soon be of the past”, he said.

The SEGAL’s CEO pledged the Company’s continued support and commitment to his workforce for the betterment of the company.

Meanwhile, the recipients applaud SEGAL and AML for the honor and inspiration showered upon them. They pledged to work harder so that they would always be known. Additionally, they take the opportunity to motivate their coworkers to put in extra effort, stay on task, and be dedicated to their profession.

those honored and certificated are :

  1. G. Emmanuel Wheh
  2. Esther Tokpah
  3. Jury Dixon
  4. Daisy Weah
  5. D. Michael Peters

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