September 21, 2023

Chief Justice Yuoh revokes and cancels warrant for Finance Minister Samuel Tweh’s arrest

The writ of arrest for Finance Minister Samuel Tweh that was delivered on November 7 has been erased and annulled by Chief Justice Sie-A-Nyeneh Yuoh of the Republic of Liberia. Recall that on Monday, November 7, 2022, the Supreme Court of Liberia’s full bench issued a writ of arrest for Minister Tweh for obstructing judicial operations.

Even though a warrant for Minister Tweh’s arrest had been issued, the highest court did not carry out its directive to detain the finance minister’s living body. Solicitor General Nyanitee Twine, who was just appointed, accompanied Minister Tweh.

Minister Tweh appearing at the Supreme Court explained to the chief justice and Associate Justices that the delay was due to technical difficulties which delay the wages and benefits of the workers at the Supreme Court.

Minister Tweh claims that the IMF gave the Liberian government a grant of $23 million that was supposed to go into a reserve account but was instead transferred to the revenue account, which he claims is to be blamed for the delay in judicial salaries and benefits.

However, Minister Tweh gave the Chief Justice the assurance that they would start collecting their pay and benefits by the end of this week.

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Yuoh has threatened to discipline Minister Tweh severely if the incident recurs in accordance with the law.

Reported by: G. Watson Richards

Contact: +231775807140


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