March 25, 2023

For contempt of court, Liberian Supreme Court issues writ of arrest for Finance Minister Tweh.

The writ of arrest, a copy of which is in this station’s possession, claims that Minister Tweh’s failure to solve the salaries difficulties facing the judiciary is obstructing court operations and posing a constitutional crisis for the judiciary. Recall that on October 27, 2022, some judges and other senior members of the judiciary expressed concern about the two-month delay in their pay and benefits.

According to the grieved judicial employees, the government has not been able to pay them for August and September, something which is causing serious embarrassment for their families.

They go on to say that the judiciary’s ability to function will be compromised if something quickly is not done to solve their situation. However, chief justice Yuoh made a pledge to the upset judicial staff that she will take action to improve their situation within two weeks.

Meanwhile, the full Bench has ordered the Court sheriff to arrest the living body of Finance Minister Samuel Tweh.

Reported by: G. Watson Richards

Contact: +231775807140


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