December 8, 2023

Grand Bassa Enumerators Sets Roadblock in Demand of Stipend and Transportation

Buchana City- According to reports from Grand Bassa County yesterday, people were trapped and cars are backed up in long lines while sticks, iron pieces, and used gasoline jugs are carried from one end of the road to the other. The blockade is a demonstration by enumerators who have been hired by the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) in protest of not receiving the pay (transportation and meals) that LISGIS had promised them before the training began.

The resentful enumerators complained that, despite what the Grand Bassa County director Mr. Joseph Piah had informed them, LISGIS had forced them to travel and provide for themselves for the duration of the training’s ten days.

“We’ve been here for days after our names were announced but, LISGIS hasn’t yet given us the small compensation they are due us. We received no funding from them (LISGIS) for boarding and subsistence. For the entire 10 days that we were in the program, neither a bottle of water nor any money was given to us. Therefore, unless LISGIS pays our money or notifies us when they will, we won’t leave the street.”

Regular vehicle movements were stopped for more than four without any involvement, despite attempts to defuse the situation by the Grand Bassa Police detachment to no avail, according to Elton W. Tiah of ABLEEJAY TV.

Photo credit: ABLEEJAY TV

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