December 9, 2023

Liberia Taekwondo Federation setup 18-member Master of Council Leadership

Master Junior Pewee Russian, the next president of the Liberia Taekwondo Federation, is pleading with the institution leaders to refrain from using the federation in politics. He claims that the Liberia Taekwondo Federation will only support messages intended to promote the organization rather than discredit it. On November 5, 2022, in Paynesville, Master Russian delivered a speech at a ceremony recognizing the 18 members of the Liberia Taekwondo Federation Master of Council Leadership.

“I wish to stifle any attempts to involve the Liberia Taekwondo Federation in political matters. We want to stop people from fleeing to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Liberian Olympic Committee to have the arts politicized. Because we have a leadership council, only promotional messages should be delivered to the media. Master Russian advised us to resolve any issues with our parents rather than involve the institution in political disputes. This marks a fresh start for Taekwondo, a new chapter.”

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Health Minister Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, who was recognized as a six-degree Master in the Master of Council Leadership, expressed her desire for more young women to participate in the sport.

“The fact that I was awarded today is impressive, and it will inspire me to do more. However, I would like to see more young women pursuing the arts. Again, I’d like to see the sport practiced in secondary educational institutions. Minister Jallah said that taekwondo is a fantastic activity that helps you maintain your religion.”

Those honored and placed on the Master of Council leadership of the Liberia Taekwondo Federation include Master Zuzu Martin, Great Grand Master,
Master Brownie Samukai, Chairman,
Master, Judge, Eva Mappy Morgan, Co-Chair

Master Wilhemina Jallah, Financial Secretary

Master Jonathan Mason, advisor

Master Francis Dolo, advisor

Master Thomas Cooper, advisor,
Master Edward Lawrence, advisor
Master Loveton Chea, Secretary general.

Other includes: Master Solomon George, Master Cephas Weeks, member
Master Charles Roberts, member, Master Brown Yard, member, Master Thomas Wleh, member, Master Cypron Dolo, member, Master Ayona Gibson, member, Master Ringo Star, member
and Master Giligbeah Matthew.

Reported by: Sylvester Tamba

Contact: +231 77 668 7195

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