September 21, 2023

PUP Chairman Kogar: No presidential candidate will be fed in 2023

The People’s Unification Party has decided not to support any candidate running for president in the Liberian presidential and parliamentary elections of 2023. Representative Samuel Kogar, the PUP National Chairman, revealed that the decision was made at the national convention held in Gunpa, Nimba County early this year not to nominate a candidate to run for president in the upcoming elections.

The revelation was made by Representative Kogar at the People’s Unification Party’s Women Congress’ inaugural membership drive session in Monrovia over the weekend. According to him, the PUP would make sure that more women have the opportunity to run for office on the party’s ticket, but this is a party where there can be an agreement for one person to run anytime there are more candidates in a certain district.

A cross-session of members s of the PUP Women’s Congress

He claims that the PUP is one of the opposition political parties with roughly six powerful members of the national legislature, including the two members of the Liberian Senate. Representative Kogar stated that the chosen candidate must be in good standing with the party, be a candidate who can win, and have a good reputation and morale in the district she wishes to run in.

During her remarks, Catherine Tamata, the chairperson of the People’s Unification Party’s women’s congress, said that the membership drive was conducted by the PUP women’s congress since the party is now working to digitize its members. Madam Tamata exhorted Liberians, particularly women, to band together with the PUP Women Congress and recommit to the movement.

Catherine Tamata, People Unification Party’s women’s Head

She claims that the meeting also aims to promote women’s motivation to run for county legislative seats on the PUP platform. The event’s theme, “Renewing Our Membership, Renewing Our Commitment,” attracted women from various regions of the nation.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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