December 9, 2023

Yaya Keita Arabic Sch. Donates To Liberia Muslims Council

A 40-foot container containing the Holy Koran, worth more than 350,000 US dollars, has been officially donated to the National Muslims Council of Liberia by the Yaya Keita Arabic and English Junior and Senior High School administration. The Holy Karan will be given out to Muslims, particularly to those who cannot afford to buy one, according to school owner Yaya Keita, who spoke during the gifting ceremony.

According to Mr. Keita, the shipment of the Holy Koran container to Liberia was organized and paid for by the Mohamed Sekou of Perera for the Progress of Humanity in Guinea and the Conservation of the Holy Koran Society based in Amman, Jordan. He clarified that his organization’s cooperation with the National Muslims Council of Liberia is intended to ensure that Muslims and Islamic institutions in all of Liberia have access to the Holy Koran. For donating a container of the Holy Korans to Muslims in Liberia, Mr. Keita expressed gratitude to all partners in Guinea, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Abdulah Massaray, the Chairman of the National Muslim Council of Liberia, congratulated Mr. Keita and his associates upon receiving the container for the contribution of a sizable number of Holy Korans for Muslims in Liberia. Sheik Massarey gave Mr. Keita the assurance that copies of the Holy Koran will be given out to Muslims and organizations supporting Islam in the nation.

He asserts that, as Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, approaches, this is the greatest present anyone could give a Muslim at this time. The All Liberian Coalition Party’s national chairman, Ansu Dorley, the Grand Motif of Liberia, Sheik Abubakar Sumaworo, Musa Sheriff, the Guinean Ambassador to Liberia, Abubakar Sylla, and other dignitaries were present for the presentation event, which took place in the Township of Johnson. The Mohamed Sekou Institute, located in Conakry, Guinea, and the Conservation of the Holy Koran Society, based in Amman, Jordan, jointly funded the printing and shipping of the container.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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