February 28, 2024

Liberia Senate Passes Non-Billable Drug Law

The Liberian Senate’s plenary has agreed with the House of Representatives to enact the drug law, making it non-billable for importers, distributors, and custodians (producers). After the Senate gave its approval, Pro-Tempore Albert Tugbeh Chie formed a conference committee under the leadership of Senator Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County.

The conference committee will go forward with the suggestions made by the Senate. The Senate Plenary made its choice in response to a committee report that suggested the plenary agree with the House to enact the instrument.

The Senate enacted the drug law with a number of restrictions, including the requirement that anyone caught importing narcotics (Drugs) in any quality or quantity face a penalty that is not subject to a bail requirement.

That any punishment meted out to end users (drug addicts) who are caught in the act should be bailable. That any salespeople who are found selling drugs should be punished, and that punishment should not be subject to bail.

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