February 21, 2024

CDC Refutes Report linking Weah’s Supporters to Planning protest against US Ambassador to Liberia

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has vehemently denied false and incorrect reports that the online blog “Smart News Liberia” published on November 15, 2022. On November 15, 2022, Smart News Liberia published an article titled “WE WILL FORCE HIM OUT OF LIBERIA – PRO GOV’T SUPPORTERS PLAN PROTEST AGAINST U.S. AMB. MICHAEL MCCARTHY,” which detailed how people claiming to be supporters of the CDC-led government had made offensive remarks about Ambassador Michael McCarthy on a local radio station.

The Coalition for Democratic Change responded to the report by dismissing these unfounded claims as the work of opponents who may be posing as government supporters in an effort to damage the reputation of the Liberian government and sour the cordial bilateral relations between the Weah administration and the United States of America.

According to the release, President George Weah’s coalition, the Coalition for Democratic Change, wants to be crystal clear that the CDC will never challenge the US in the implementation of her official policies.

According to the press statement, the CDC will continue to preserve these valued ideals despite differences and beliefs in tolerance and freedom of expression. According to the statement, the CDC is able to respectfully seek constructive interactions in areas of shared concern using a variety of diplomatic channels at its disposal. The CDC was quite clear that Ambassador McCarthy is a respected senior member of the diplomatic community and a good friend of Liberia’s transformative program under the leadership of President George Manneh Weah.

“The Coalition for Democratic Change attests to his dedication to decency, inclusive discussion, democratic ideals, and admirable support for Liberia’s national development objectives, including the mentoring of numerous young Liberians through the Mandela Washington Fellowship Program.”

According to the Coalition for Democratic Change, Ambassador McCarthy continues to offer candid appraisals of the administration’s policies, making him a potential partner for success. Regardless of the political views of the alleged perpetrators of the outrageous statements, the Coalition for Democratic Change condemns the verbal attacks against Michael McCarthy, the US ambassador to Liberia, and warns all CDC members to exercise caution and refrain from saying anything that might be construed as careless, offensive, or unpatriotic.

In accordance with Liberia’s international commitments under the Vienna Convention, the Coalition for Democratic Change reaffirms its commitment to peace, stability, and the rule of law, including respect for diplomatic missions and international organizations, accredited to Liberia.

The CDC press release that, through her foreign assistance programs and her embassy close to Monrovia, the United States continues to support Liberia’s development pushes, a task that is currently being carried out by the Weah administration. It added that the US-Liberian partnership flourishes and continues to be strengthened through the stewardship of several ambassadors assigned to Monrovia, including the current Ambassador Michael McCarthy.

“We, as a nation, remain forever in Washington’s debt of appreciation for the exceptional help indicated above and call on all Weah-led administration supporters to show respect for and continue to value the U.S. diplomatic mission and not succumb to disinformation and propaganda tactics.”

The CDC urged all of its partisans, well-wishers, and friends of the Weah administration not to join anyone making statements against the US Ambassador as it remained focused on getting ready for its nomination program on December 20, which follows the successful launch of its due payments effort. The CDC additionally encouraged communities to continue to be vigorously mobilized for the anticipated disaster.

The Liberian government, according to the Ministry of Information, vehemently rejects any move that would incite violence or erode the close diplomatic and historical connections between the two countries. The government expressly disassociates itself from such remarks and planned acts. Although the Weah-led administration has pushed through laws to guarantee free expression and freedom of the press because it strongly supports these rights, there are explicit protections designed to protect the interests of the general population.

Therefore, the government wishes to make it absolutely clear that it will not support any such protest action and arrogant remarks, regardless of who the organizers are, as their ultimate goal is to stir particular demographic groups for local interests. Liberia has always embraced different perspectives on the country’s government, including those from its diplomatic and international allies that have aided in strengthening the nation’s democratic credentials. The government, therefore, views any such demonstration or insult directed at the American envoy as being against Liberia’s interests both at home and abroad.

MICAT Instead of using the media to incite the public against well-meaning foreign and diplomatic advice about the governance difficulties facing the nation, the government encourages it to support an inclusive strategy for promoting the idea of global governance. The Government Information arm noted that instead of using the media to incite the public against well-meaning foreign and diplomatic advice about the governance difficulties facing the nation, the government encourages it to support an inclusive strategy for promoting the idea of global governance.

The US Embassy is yet to respond to the information on Social Media.

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