December 8, 2023

ULMSA and LISL Dedicate Newly Constructed Mosque in Fendell

A recently built mosque in Fendell, right next to the University of Liberia campus, was dedicated by the Muslim Students Association of the university and the League of Islamic Scholars in Liberia. Sheik Abdui Rahman Alareefy, a philanthropist who lives in Saudi Arabia, provided the funding for the mosque’s construction.

The Grand Motif of Liberia, Sheik Abubakar Sumaworo, admonished ULMSA against utilizing the Mosque as a platform for political activity during the dedicatory event. The Grand Motif of Liberia exhorted the Muslim students to use the mosque to share the message of Islam and help the most fortunate members of the neighborhood. In order for other less fortunate students to succeed in their academic goals, Sheik Sumaworo urged the ULMSA leadership to use the Mosque as well.

The National Muslim Council of Liberia’s Chairman, Sheik Abdulai Massarey, claimed the mosque had an apartment for the Imam, a radio station’s office, and a library. Sheik Massarey gave praise to Sheik Abdul Rahman Alareefy in Saudi Arabia and the League of Islamic Scholars in Liberia for helping to build the mosque. He claims that Sheik Abdul Rahman Alareefy is also financing the construction of 50 Mosques around the nation.

Grand Motif Sumaworo presents the keys to UL Sekou Kanneh

The donor, Sheik Abdul Rahman Alareefy, expressed happiness at being in Liberia and referred to his gift as an act of Allah. Sheik Alareefy expressed his gratitude to the Liberian Muslims for the hospitality shown to him and his party since they arrived for the mosque’s dedication.

For his part, Sekou Konneh, the dean of students at the University of Liberia, thanked the donor and the National Muslim Council of Liberia’s leadership for the mosque’s building on behalf of UL President Reverend Doctor Julius Nelson. He claimed that despite the University of Liberia’s multiple campuses, Muslim students only ever used the area outside the main campus to pray in the sun. Varney Sirleaf, the Internal Affairs Minister, was present during the function, and two of his top lieutenants, Assistant Ministers Luseni Bility and Mohamed Bah, brought greetings on his behalf.

Ousman Jallah, the Islamic Presidential Advisor, stated that more mosques needed to be built all around the nation. The Muslim Presidential Advisor expressed his shock at the lack of a mosque in Rivercess County. Many individuals attended the program, including students, local leaders, women and young people, government representatives, and many others.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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