December 9, 2023

Bility disagrees with NEC Ruling in Judicial Review

Monrovia- Liberty Party Chairman Musa Hassan Bility has disagreed with the NEC decision in the judicial review and asserted that the NEC lacks jurisdiction to rule on the LP constitution, as the crisis in the party continued to worsen.

Bility vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court of Liberia for further clarification. Musa Bility, the chairman of the embattled Liberty party, has expressed his disappointment with the National Elections Commission’s board’s decision to deny a move by lawyers for him seeking judicial review.

The board of the National Elections Commission rejected the joint motion to dismiss a judicial review sought by attorneys for Musa Bility in the Liberty party’s intra-party dispute on Friday, November 18, 2022.

Chairman Bility claims that by rejecting a previous decision, the National Elections Commission is headed in the wrong way. He continued by saying that the NEC lacked all authority to make a judgment about the LP’s constitutional issues and that only the Supreme Court of Liberia could do so.

At a news conference held on Monday in Monrovia, the chairman of the Liberty party engaged in a legal battle and claimed that the NEC, which had previously been an independent body, is now taking a side in legal disputes.

He characterized this as worrying, shameful, disgraceful, and dangerous for the commission to have permitted people to disparage that independent body. Regarding the LP constitutional issue, he argued that they would only follow the ruling of the Liberian Supreme Court.

By barring the party from hosting the National conventions in 2022, according to Chairman Bility, the NEC was in flagrant violation. He expressed dissatisfaction with the structure and operation of the NEC’s present board of commissioners.

Ahead of the upcoming general and presidential elections in 2023, he warns the court to be transparent in their decisions. He claimed that the NEC decision is unenforceable under the law.

In order to move the country ahead, Mr. Bility urged the opposition to band together with the Collaborating Political Parties.

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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