September 21, 2023

Grebo Buah Quarter Distances Itself from Cummings Petition

The Buah Quarter, a subdivision of the Grebo tribe with residents in Monrovia, has distanced itself from a petition ceremony some Grebo tribe members vowed their support for Mr. Alexander Cumming’s 2023 presidential campaign.

Over the weekend, a group of Marylanders under the banner United Grebo for Cummings presidency petitioned and endorsed the CPP candidate in the upcoming 2023 elections.

At a news conference on Monday, November 21, 2022, Buah Quarter Chairperson William Nagbe stated that while the Grebo community supports political tolerance and participation, it also disapproves of any action that may be seen as implicating the Grebo people.

The Buah Quarter was not a part of the petition effort, according to Mr. Nagbe, and has no intention of doing so for any politicians running in or after the 2023 elections.

The chairman of Buah Quarter stated that although they support democracy, they caution people against utilizing the name of the Grebo people for political gain.

Reported by: Morris Wleh Tee

Contact: +231770995851

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