March 25, 2023

Less than 10% Liberians counted as census Exercise expected to end in 2022

Nearly nine days into the contentious National Housing and Population Census, the head of the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services has released preliminary data. The statistics fall significantly short of the required 50% participation rate.

The report notes that 35,991 thousand people, (5%) of the population, have been tallied, while 175,125 (11%) of the population, have been recorded thus far, according to LISGIS Acting Director General Lawrence George.

Mr. George noted that according to the predicted number, the procedure is currently at 11% in terms of household listing while the counting of persons is below 10%. He stated that there is a technical issue that is slowing the counting process.

The National Housing and Population Census, which has generated controversy, is now being implemented slowly due to several difficulties, according to the Acting Director General of LISGIS. He is, however, advising the Liberian government to increase publicity efforts and offer resources to hasten the process overall.

According to the Statistics House, the census’s counting and other procedures will be finished by 2 December 2022.

Photo credit: Spoon TV

Reported by: Morris Wleh Tee

Contact: +231770995818

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