September 21, 2023

Nimba County Student Union Calls for the removal of PYJ

The president of the Union of Nimba University and College Students Association, Prentiss T.K. Domah, is urging the Nimba County Legislative Caucus to immediately remove controversial senator Prince Y. Johnson from his position as chair of the Legislative Caucus of Nimba County after he revealed that he has formed a committee to negotiate with the US government to have sanctions against him lifted.

He claims that because of Senator Johnson’s tainted character, he lacks the authority needed to preside over the Causas. He said that it is wrong to penalize a legislator for the president’s actions, which are wholly contrary to international best practices.

He complained about the tone and manner in which some county citizens personalize Senator Johnson’s problems. The senator should step down and have his name cleared of any foreign criminal records, he advised, adding that there are preparations to inform county residents of the senator’s attitude. He argued that the senator was under no moral duty to lead the county’s cause.

It has been noted that the Nimba County senator recently posted on his social media page in support of the people of Nimba County, saying: “In the agreement, we signed up for top Ministerial posts, Managing Directors, and some ambassadorial positions to be given to Nimbians, a promise President George Weah made to appoint sons and daughters from Nimba County to occupy these top positions through our recommendations. Since the CDC-led government took office in 2018, we have yet to see sons and daughters from our cherished Nimba County in those top senior posts, despite our agreement and the document we signed as proof.”

Senator Johnson stated that the people of Nimba have been pleading with him for the president’s appointment for the past five years, and despite all best efforts to engage the CDC-led government diplomatically and secure redress for the people who suffered during the campaign, nothing has been successful.

Prince Y. Johnson, Nimba County Senior Senator

“We would want to use this opportunity to remind our fellow Nimba residents and supporters in Liberia and throughout in the world that the contract we entered into with the CDC has expired. We are now forced to declare that we are “HALTING OUR POLITICAL SUPPORT” for the Coalition in order to speak for and on behalf of the wonderful people of Nimba as well as other MDR Political Party supporters! We ask you to maintain your composure until we can tell you where to go since, as a former general in the army, we believe in agreement and don’t like to break our word.”

Reported by: Joseph N. Kerkula
Contact: +231777376826

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