September 21, 2023

Political Battle appears on Soccer patch

Montserrado County District #8 Law Marker Acarous Moses Gray has disqualify opposition Colloborating Political Party Leader Alexander Cummings comments on Tim Weah goal in the world cup yesterday as playing to public gallery. Tim Weah, son of Mr. George Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia represidented the United State of America in the on going Qatar 2022 world cup. Tim scored the opening goal for the world super power of which several Liberians took to social media praising young weah for excellent play. Those commenting on Tim’s success included top politicians of which ANC and CPP Political Leader Alexander Cumming praised Tim Weah.

Tim Weah

On his social media page, Mr. Cummings posted; “

Congratulations to Tim Weah, son of Pres. Weah on his impressive goal for the USA World Cup team!!!

As a parent, you make us all proud. Good job, son.”

Alexander B. Cummings

In response, Acarous Moses Gray said, “Mr. Alexander Cummings, are you really genuine in your commendation of Tim Weah or just playing to the public gallery?

Just a few days ago you were up in arms with your fellow haters, bashing the President for taking time off to see his son play in the World Cup.

You spoke so disparagingly of this parent, but ironically wants us to believe now that you support his son “as a parent”? How contradictory and disingenuous!

I can’t even find words to describe the hypocrisy in this line: “as a parent, you make us all proud, Good job, son” with the insults your threw at the same parent last week.

You lived in the West almost all your life, and should know what it means for a child to have his parents at such occasion inspiring him. But you chose to join the bandwagon like every Tom.

Former president Sirleaf, as President, left the country to attend her grandchild’s graduation ceremony, followed by a home party. I don’t remember a word from you then while you were in the country. We all know the reason.

I am of the strong opinion that your congratulatory message is not genuine. Had Tim not scored or had the USA been defeated, you and your hater friends would have said the worst about his parents.

Next time, you need a sober reflection on what exactly your stance is before coming out for your daily press conferences. You can’t claim to be a proud parent now only because the child is successful. Support the child on his way to success.

Those of us who are battle tested know what it means to see a parent not just supporting you, but standing right at your back. This is exactly what President Weah has done to inspire his son.”

The Liberian Law maker comments has come under serious attack by the public including his party members.

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