December 8, 2023

CDC Congress Retain Pres. Weah’s Stander Beareship Ahead of 2023 Elections

The 7th National Congress of the Congress for Democratic Change has been held in preparation for the general and presidential elections of 2023. On Monday, November 21, 2022, at 03:00 GMT in the morning, the Congress was held at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, Monrovia-Montserrado County electing President George Weah as the party’s Standard Bearer. Mulbah K. Morlu, the party’s chairman, and Jefferson Koijee, its national secretary general, were both retained by delegates at the Congress for Democratic Change’s national congress.

CDC Party Leaders at the 7th congress

The current ruling Coalition for Democratic Change includes the Congress for Democratic Change among its constituent parties headed by President George Weah. At the early morning congress, delegates decided to extend the terms of the Executive committee members from four years to seven years, with immediate effect.

This news network independently investigated and discovered that, with the exception of the National Secretary General and Vice Chair for Finance and Investment, almost all positions on the National Executive Committee of the Congress for Democratic Change’s 7th National Congress were elected on a white ballot.

Officials elected at the 7th Congress are as follows:

  • Mulbah K. Morlu….. National Chairman
  • *Jefferson T. Koijee… National Secretary General
  • Gablah V. Williams…Vice Chair for Administration
  • *Whilemena Piso Saydee Tarr…Vice Chair for Political Affairs
  • Samira P.Z. Wolokollie…Vice Chair for Finance and Investment
  • Thomas P. Fallah….Vice Chair for Operation
  • Janga A. Kowo…..Vice Chair for Legal and Governmental Affairs
  • Lewis A. Wright…Vice Chair for planning and program
  • Johnson Gwalkolo…Vice Chair for International Affairs
  • Sediki Fofana…Vice Chair for Gender Affairs
  • Musa Konneh….Vice Chair for Membership, Mobilization, and Recruitment
  • *Abu Kamara….Vice Chair for Inter-Party Affairs
  • Horatias A. Richards…Vice Chair for Human Resource Development
  • Roland K. Mendscore… Deputy Secretary General for Administration
  • Anderson S. Chea… Deputy Secretary General for Press and Public Relations
  • Randall M. Dobayou…. Deputy Secretary General for Research and Records
  • John Yobouty…. Treasure
  • Fester R.B. Logan….Champlain

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