December 6, 2023

CSAHRPL Holds One-Day Human Rights Monitoring Dialogue

The Civil Society Advocacy Human Rights Platform of Liberia, in collaboration with the Independent National Commission on Human Rights of Liberia, has ended a one-day stakeholders dialogue aimed at monitoring human rights in the country’s 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The dialogue, held under the theme: “Strengthening The Human Rights Community to Actively Monitor Human Rights in Elections Processes with Civil Society Organizations Aimed Sustainable Peace in Liberia,” was funded by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights.

Adama Dempster, the platform Secretary General, stated in an interview that the dialogue was planned with the intention of preparing civil society organizations working in the field of human rights to observe the elections in Liberia effectively.

Adama Dempster, Secretary General

He claims that the background includes non-discrimination against individuals with disabilities and members of minority groups, equal access to the media, including state-owned facilities, and a procedure free from violence.

According to Roosevelt Jayjay, the Human Rights Officer of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, the UNCHR office in Monrovia would supply the tools required for CSOs and the Independent National Commission on Human Rights to fully monitor the human rights context of the elections in Liberia. Mr. Jayjay urged attendees to pay full attention and benefit from the speakers and presentations as it would help them in performing their tasks.

The dialogue, which included representatives from human rights-related civil society organizations from across the nation, covered a variety of topics, including how human rights relate to elections, what CSOs should be doing to monitor elections for human rights, and how to report on elections for human rights.

Reported by: Augustine Octavius

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