February 22, 2024

CPP Declears Peaceful Protest Against Weah Gov’t Come December 17

The Collaborating Political Parties have confirmed that a sizable, peaceful protest will take place on December 17, 2022, with the goal of alerting the administration to the miseries of the populace. Louis Brown, the chairman of the Cummings Campaign Team, said the Liberian government had been well notified of the CPP’s decision to hold the “We Tired Suffering Demonstration” outside the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

Ambassador Brown revealed that the Ministry of Justice has also been briefed on the anticipated peaceful rally while speaking at a significant press conference in Monrovia.

Jefferson Koijee, the Secretary General of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation revealed on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, that his party’s secretariat had learned that Lewis Brown had presided over a covert meeting intended to spark a national protest known as “We Are Tired Suffering.”

Mayor Jefferson Koijee

In order to launch a protest like the 1979 rice riot against the late William R. Tolbert administration, Mayor Koijee forbade Lewis Brown from utilizing the ANC as a platform. When Mr. Brown started serving as the Liberian people’s spokesperson, Mr. Koijee claims, the Liberian people would have expressed their pain through their vote.

Ambassador Brown, meanwhile, issued a challenge, saying that the CPP will not back down in the face of intimidation and threats from some government officials. According to him, the planned rally is not a secret because it is within the Liberian people’s constitutional rights to inform their government of the country’s ongoing deterioration in socioeconomic and security conditions.

In order to plan and carry out the demonstration, Mr. Brown claims that a steering committee made up of 34 names of people and organizations have been established for the “We Tire Suffering” event on December 17, 2022.

“The awful fact is that Mr. Weah and several of his officials are truly on safari and having a wonderful time, at the expense of the suffering Liberian people. President George Weah continues to insult the intelligence of the Liberian people with lies. Many Liberians are going hungry at night and beg when they are having a good time. Many parents are unable to pay their children’s school fees, and many qualified individuals are being forced to beg since they are unable to find employment. Those who are fortunate enough to have a job are unable to support their families or pay for medical expenses because of how unfairly “harmonized” the pay is.

“More than five years after President Weah assumed office and pledged “Change for Hope,” for Liberians, the only change has been from hope to hopelessness as dreams are fading, prisons are overcrowded with young people, mysterious deaths and unsolved murders are leaving grieving families with no closure for deseeded loved ones. Because the majority of Liberians say that God is mining us, the cost of living is increasing while income declines, and there is a rise in crime and instability.”

“The Weah administration is corrupt, abuses power more frequently, and is growing more desperate to rule by intimidating perceived rivals and fellow Liberians through threats of violence, fear, and intimidation. As a result, people are suffering from worsening living conditions than they were before. The unpleasant truth is that President Weah is unable to govern, and by setting a poor example, he has encouraged his administration to be disorganized and wasteful of the nation’s resources.”

Weah was not a leader, he will never be a leader, and his one-term presidency is a failure, according to Mr. Brown. Many members of the ruling coalition are beginning to accept the truth about him as the nation continues to be embarrassed by it, he claims. “The unsettling truth is that President Weah is using our country to care for himself and live a dreamed-of celebrity life as he continues to do so carelessly about how his desire to be a star at the expense of poor Liberians actually affects Liberia and its people,” Mr. Brown noted.

The former minister of information said, “Slum communities are even more economically disadvantaged, and President Weah continues to live in his bubble of pretenses, from preacher to singer.” “As President Weah lives in his bubble of pretenses, rising tides and rains are sweeping our country’s coastline, endangering homes, people’s health, and livelihoods; nothing seems to be working in the country- systems of good democratic governance are all failing, and sycophancy has replaced competency.”

According to the former Liberian ambassador to the United States, President Weah is still living in his fantasy world, leaving the country’s ship of state increasingly rudderless.

“Liberia is like an autopilot airplane that is flying itself, and worse yet, every mechanical component is broken. Given this context, the December 17 “We Tired Suffering” event will provide Liberians an opportunity to peacefully express their opinions, he stated. The right to do so, even in the face of an unresponsive government, is protected by democratic principles and the constitution.

Parties, organizations, and people from all spheres of Liberian life are participating in the rally organized by the CPP in order to voice their support for the country’s suffering citizens.

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