March 30, 2023

Lead Campaigner for “We Tired Suffering” rally attack by angry crowd

The Lead Campaigner for the “We Tired Suffering” rally/protest was yesterday evening attacked by some unknown persons while in the studio. Mr. Lewis Brown a former information minister in the past regime has seriously criticized the Weah government for not doing well for the Liberian people.

On December 5, 2022, Mr. Brown made an appearance on Voice of Liberia, a local radio station in Monrovia, to discuss the upcoming protest/rally against the government. While still in the studio, a sizable crowd was waiting for him outside.

Reports claim that when the former state representative appeared, the audience had an adverse reaction. According to Reports231, the crowd’s outrage was a result of what they perceived as hypocrisy and injustice toward the government and Liberians.

Alexander B. Cummings, the political leader of the ANC in opposition, has added Mr. Lewis Brown to his campaign team. To draw the attention of the Liberian government to issues affecting the nation, Mr. Brown quickly arranged a rally/protest set for December 17, 2022.

While numerous Liberian teenagers were fighting in the streets of Monrovia, Mr. Brown was able to flee the situation. Later, the matter was resolved by calling the Liberian National Police. When a politician appears on the radio or in public, there are a variety of problems can arise, including the last evening situation.

Many Liberians are urging the Weah administration to ensure that security is a top priority for the safety of Liberians and those in the country as the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections draw near.

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